Hiring researchers at the Institute is based solely on winning research grants. The initial composition of a team of researchers and its modification is at the discretion of the research project coordinator. Any advanced researcher in the field of philosophy, with a Ph.D. in philosophy and relevant international publications, may propose a research project to be developed at the Alexandru Dragomir – Institute for Philosophy. The proposal must include an extensive overview of the project, the research team involved, funding sources targeted, multi-annual budget, and expected academic results.

Project Coordinators: DR. Ileana Borțun, Dr. Gabriel Cercel, Dr. Cristian Ciocan, Dr. Christian Ferencz-Flatz, Dr. Paul Marinescu, Dr. Bogdan Mincă, Dr. Victor Popescu, Dr. Ion Tănăsescu, Dr. Andrei Timotin, Dr. Marilena Vlad.

Current researchers:

  1. Dr. Alexandru BEJINARIU
  2. Dr. Ileana BORȚUN
  3. Dr. Alexandru CISTELECAN
  4. Dr. Andreea EȘANU
  5. Dr. Christian FERENCZ-FLATZ
  6. Dr. Mădălina GUZUN
  7. Dr. Paul MARINESCU
  8. Dr. Ovidiu STANCIU
  9. Dr. Constantin STOENESCU
  10. Dr. Ion TĂNĂSESCU
  11. Dr. Andrei TIMOTIN
  12. Dr. Marilena VLAD
  13. Drd. Iulian APOSTOLESCU
  14. Drd. Alexandru-Vasile SAVA
  15. Dr. Bianca SAVU
  16. Drd. Andrei MAN
  17. Drd. Amalia TREPCA

Former researchers:

  1. Dr. Elena BĂLTUȚĂ
  2. Drd. Mihai BESOIU
  3. Drd. Silvia-Heliana BOGDAN
  4. Dr. Denisa BUTNARU
  5. Dr. Gabriel CERCEL
  6. Dr. Cristian CIOCAN
  7. Dr. Maria GYEMANT
  8. Dr. Bogdan MINCĂ
  9. Drd. Răzvan OSTROVEANU
  10. Drd. Gheorghe PAȘCALĂU
  11. Dr. Victor POPESCU
  12. Dr. Adrian ROBU
  13. Drd. Paul-Gabriel SANDU
  14. Drd. Ciprian SPERANZA
  15. Drd. Daniela Elena TARBĂ
  16. Dr. Alina TĂRICEANU
  17. Dr. Emanuela TIMOTIN
  18. Dr. Oana VASILESCU
  19. Dr. Marilena VLAD
  20. Dr. Deodath ZUH