2020 – 2022: “I was there.” Laying the Foundations for a Comprehensive Phenomenology of Testimony

The underlying premise of our project is that only a phenomenology which is open to historical hermeneutics and which develops its analyses in the horizon of a philosophical anthropology of the subject is able to capture adequately the fundamental structures of the experience of testimony and to account for the new dimension of subjectivity… (TE Project Director: Dr. Paul MARINESCU)

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2018 – 2020: Finitude and Meaning. Phenomenological Perspectives on History in the Light of the Paul Ricoeur Jan Patocka Relationship

This project aims to capture the complexity of the phenomenological perspectives on history by focusing on Paul Ricœur and Jan Patočka’s theories on this topic. The premise from which this research work starts is that intertwining the historical life and the reflection on history provides new insights in the understanding of history. (TE Project Director: Dr. Paul MARINESCU)

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