1. 2015 – 2017: The Ethico-Political Relevance of Thinking. An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Relation Between Thinking and Action (TE Project. Director: Dr. Bogdan MINCĂ);
  2. 2015 – 2017: Self-Constitution and Discursive Mediation in Late Neoplatonism (TE Project. Director Dr. Marilena VLAD);
  3. 2011-2016: Brentano’s Psychology and the Problem of Intentionality of Sensuous Acts (PCE Project. Director: Dr. Ion TĂNĂSESCU);
  4. 2013-2016: Theories and Practices of Prayer in Late Antiquity – 2nd-6th centuries (TE Project. Director: Dr. Andrei TIMOTIN);
  5. 2013-2015: Neoplatonic Heritages in the Corpus Dionysiacum (PD Project. Director: : Dr. Marilena VLAD);
  6. 2011–2013: Understanding the Other and Interpreting the Self: An Interdisciplinary Hermeneutics of Cultural Alterity based on Heidegger and Malinowski (PD Project. Director: Dr. Gabriel CERCEL);
  7. 2011–2013: The Challenges of a Phenomenology of Oblivion. Perspectives on Human Fallibility (PD Project. Director: Dr. Paul MARINESCU);
  8. 2011–2013: Moral Dilemmas in Online Journalism. Rethinking Ethical Principles for “Civic Journalism” (PD Project. Director: Dr. Victor POPESCU);
  9. 2010-2013: The Body In-Between. An Interdisciplinary Approach to an Integral Theory of Corporeal Phenomena (TE Project. Director: Dr. Cristian CIOCAN);
  10. 2010-2013: Habitus, Memory, Sediment: Facets of a Phenomenological Approach to Tradition (TE Project. Director: Dr. Christian FERENCZ-FLATZ).