The Institute for Philosophy “Alexandru Dragomir”

was founded in 2009 under the auspices of the Romanian Society for Phenomenology, as a private and independent Research Institute, aiming to stimulate the high-quality philosophical research, with a special interest on phenomenology, hermeneutics and history of philosophy.

Interdisciplinary research projects are also welcome, provided that a philosophical dimension is essential. The Institute works by carrying out research grants won by competition, or funded from public or private, national or international sources.







Alexandru Dragomir

Until his death in 2002, Alexandru Dragomir was known only as a strange figure who moved more or less mysteriously in Roman­ian intellectual circles. Everything that was known of him came from those who actually met him, because Dragomir never wanted to make himself known.

Indeed he had a sort of aversion towards the idea of becom­ing a public figure. It was known that back in the ’40s he had been a student of Heidegger’s, studying for a PhD degree in Freiburg.

Those who had the chance to meet him during the last decades of his life said that he possessed a fabulous philosophical knowledge, that he was bril­liant as a thinker, and had an insightful and lively mind.

Our Latest Projects

2022 – 2024: The Experience of Alienness: Between Responsivity and Transposability

Recenty, phenomenology proved to be a philosophical movement capable of bringing significant contributions to a wide interdisciplinary landscape. Beyond the ongoing debates concerning the various configurations and adaptations of the phenomenological method to different research fields, there is still a need to better grasp its the boundaries. (PD Project Director: Dr. Alexandru BEJINARIU)

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2022 – 2024: Limit-Phenomena and Nonsense. A Phenomenological Approach

This research project aims to provide a phenomenological account to the problem of limit-phenomena in phenomenology, by resorting to the notion of nonsense and its plurality of forms: the “refusal of sense” (i.e., what is inherently not given to consciousness), the “surpassing of sense” (i.e., what is exceeding the consciousness), and the “withdrawal of sense” (i.e., what is withdrawing our production of sense). (PD Project Director: Dr. Remus BREAZU)

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