2022 – 2024: Limit-Phenomena and Nonsense. A Phenomenological Approach


This research project aims to provide a phenomenological account to the problem of limit-phenomena in phenomenology, by resorting to the notion of nonsense and its plurality of forms: the “refusal of sense” (i.e., what is inherently not given to consciousness), the “surpassing of sense” (i.e., what is exceeding the consciousness), and the “withdrawal of sense” (i.e., what is withdrawing our production of sense). In each of these cases, I will account for the specific modifications of intentionality. On the one hand, I will offer a systematic phenomenological account of the objective side of the experience, from the point of view of limit-phenomena that have their source in three distinct phenomenological orders: in things within the world, in the other, and in the self. On the other hand, I will explore the subjective side of the experience, from the point of view of the act’s thetic character (as impossibility, making possible, and making impossible) and the affectivity of the subject (as obturating, saturated, and destroying moods).

Postdoctoral research PROJECT INFO

  • Project director: Dr. Remus BREAZU
  • Project title: Limit-Phenomena and Nonsense. A Phenomenological Approach
  • Project code: PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2021-0753
  • Contract no.: PD 68
  • Program: Postdoctoral research (PD) projects
  • Financed by: UEFISCDI
  • Period of Time: April 2022 – March 2024
  • Funding: 249.712 lei


Current team:


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Stage I (April-December 2022)


During the first stage of the research project, I focused on the following aspects:

  • Edmund Husserl’s concept of limit-phenomenon;
  • Various limit-phenomena that are characterized by the refusal of sense, such as
    dreamless sleep, fainting, death, the materiality of the work of art, the gaze of the
  • The way Edmund Husserl approaches death in his posthumous works;
  • The way Martin Heidegger approaches death in his transcendental period;
  • The concept of scientificity in phenomenology.

The outcomes of this stage are as follows:

  • The presentation of the paper “The Science of Phenomenology and the Refusal of
    Sense” at the international conference “Phenomenology and the Sciences. The Annual
    Conference of the Central and East European Society for Phenomenology,” Padua,
    Italy, September 15, 2022.
  • The submission for publication of a scientific article to an international journal which
    is indexed in the Web of Science, Arts and Humanities.


  • Remus Breazu“XXX”, submitted for publication at „xxx (Web of Science).



  • Remus Breazu, The science of phenomenology and the refusal of sense, at the Annual Conference of the Central and East European Society for Phenomenology: Phenomenology and Science, 13-15 September 2022, University of Padova.