Dr. Constantin Stoenescu

Prof. Dr. Constantin STOENESCU, professor at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Department of Theoretical Philosophy. He has published more than 110 studies in different journals and volumes on topics regarding Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Logics, Romanian Philosophy. He edited books on topics devoted to Austrian Philosophy, Popper, Quine, Knowledge Management, Ethics of Research. He has made translations from Karl Popper, Moritz Schlick and others. His new philosophical domains of interests are Sociology of Science and Environmental Ethics.


List of publications:


  • An epistemological outlook over the management of knowledge (University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2011);
  • Language, experience, knowledge. Research on logical empiricism (Pelican Publishing House, 2009);
  • Experience and meaning. Studies on the posibility of an empiricist criterion of cognitive significance (Pelican Publishing House, 1998, 2002).

Books in cooperation:

  • Knowledge management (University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2007, together with Romulus Brâncoveanu, Adrian Paul Iliescu, Mihail Radu Solcan, Laurenţiu Staicu);
  • An encyclopedia of fundamental works in political philosophy.   Contemporaries, (editor Ion Goian, Political Sciences and International Relations Institute Publishing House, 2005).


  • The epistemology of science and the management of knowledge (University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2011);
  • Theory of knowledge (University of Bucharest Publishing House, 1999, 2005, in cooperation with Mircea Flonta and Gheorghe Ştefanov).

Edited Books:

  • Knowledge management. Current topics, (University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2011)
  • Words, theories and things. Quine in perspective (with Mircea Dumitru,Pelican Publishing House, 2009)
  • Karl Popper’s philosophy. Analysis and interpretation (with D. Stoianovici, G. Flonta, Pelican Publishing House, 2007)
  • Austrian philosophy. Origins, specific, representatives (with I. Tănăsescu, Pelican Publishing House, 2005)


  • “The Ethos of Sustainable Development and the Educational System . A Research Report Regarding Romania” (in collaboration with Daniela Dumitru), in: Applied Ethics. Perspectives from Romania, editors Valentin Mureşan, Shunzo Majima, Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, 2013, pp. 144-175;
  • “Was the modern Cosmopolis transformed into a post-modern global village?” in: Values of the Human Person – Contemporary challenges, editor Mihaela Pop, University of Bucharest Publishing House and Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, 2013, pp. 89-100;
  • Dogmatic Eon, methodological couple and scientific theory”, in:  Epistemology and cosmology in Lucian Blaga works, editors Georgeta Marghescu, Viorel Cernica, Editura Printech Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012, pp. 95-106;
  • “Responsibility and morality. Problems and clarifications in Analytic Philosophy”, in: Responsability – a multidisciplinary perspective, editor Ana Bazac, Academiei Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012, pp. 33-53;
  • “Theories as models. An integrative point of view”, in: Metaphysics and philosophy of sciene. şi filosofia ştiinţei. Volume dedicated to Professor Ilie Parvu, editors M. Flonta, M. Dumitru, V. Mureşan, University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2012, pp. 193-206;
  • “Personal knowledge and organizational knowledge”, in: Knowledge managementi. Current topics, editor Constantin Stoenescu, University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2011, pp. 97-116;
  • “Boredom as metaphysical excess and the fall into aphorism”, in: History of Romanian philosophy studies, VII, editors Viorel Cernica, Mona Mamulea, Academiei Publishing House, Bucharest, 2011, pp. 19-25;
  • ”Explanation and complexity. Conceptual reconstructions of scientific explanation”, in: Rationality and evolution. Philosophical approaches of complexity, vol I, editor Laurenţiu Staicu, University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2009, pp. 45-82;
  • “Knowledge and communication. Preliminaries to a consensual theory of truth”, in: Language, Shaping, Communication, editor Gh. Ungureanu, University of Piteşti Publishing House, 2007, pp. 295 – 302;
  • “Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle. The elementary propositions as empirical propositions”, in: Ludwig Wittgenstein and 20th century philosophy, editors Mircea Flonta, Gheorghe Ştefanov, Polirom Publishing House, 2002.

Articles in journals

  • “The New Mode of Knowledge Production in the Knowledge Based Society”, Revue Roumaine de Philosophie, 56, 2, 2012, pp 235 – 246;
  • “The SECI model of organizational knowledge productioni organizaţionale. An epistemological appraisal”, University of Craiova Annals, 29, 2012, pp. 73-97;
  • ”Berkeley’s argument against materiality of world”, University of Bucharest Annals, LXX, 2, 2011, pp. 3-12;
  • “Historical fate and Romanian prophecy in Emil Cioran’s works. The metamorphosis of a castigation”, University of Bucharest Annals, LXX, . 1, 2011, pp. 83-96;
  • “The Ethos of Modern Science and the Religious Melting Pot: About the Topicality of Merton’s Thesis”, Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Cultures and Axiology, volumul 8, nr. 2, 2011, pp. 127-142;
  • “The Doxastic Ideal in Traditional Epistemology and the Project of an Epistemology of Religion”, Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, vol. 8, nr. 22, 2009, pp, 53-62.;
  • “The new immaterial economy and the management of knowledge”, Sfera Politicii, XVIII, no. 3, 2010;
  • “Epistemological parity: an heuristic principle?”, The Review of Philosophy, LV, no. 1-2, 2008, pp. 95-106;
  • “Preliminaries to a causal theory of personal identity”, University of Craiova Annals, no. 19, 2007, pp. 187-178;
  • “Who has killed the logical positivism? The dossier of a self-denunciation: Karl R. Popper”, Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy, I, 2007, pp. 48-58.