Dr. Bianca SAVU has a PhD from the University of Bucharest, with a thesis on the metaphysical theories of grounding. Her research interests pertain to logic and philosophical logic, metaphysics and philosophy of science (structuralism). Between June 2014- September 2015 she received a doctoral scholarship in the POSDRU project. In the doctoral program, she was teaching assistant for disciplines such as logic, philosophical logic, epistemology and critical thinking. Currently, she is associate teaching assistant at the University of Bucharest. Other focus areas include history of philosophy and history of logic.




  1. Bianca SAVU, Grounds and Structural Realism: A Possible Metaphysical Framework, in: Symposion: Theoretical and Applied Inquiries in Philosophy and Social Sciences (forthcoming);
  2. Bianca SAVU, Reanalyzing Chisholm Paradox. Structural Insights, in: Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy, No.2, 2014.


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