Dr. Victor Popescu

Victor PopescuVictor Popescu (born 1997) works as researcher at  the ”Alexandru Dragomir” Institute from Bucharest and as an editor for ”Trei” Publishing House. He earned a PhD degree at the ”Babeș-Bolyai” University from Cluj-Napoca with a thesis regarding the Husserlian phenomenology of values and idealisation. He obtained an M.A. in contemporary philosophy at Paris XII University (Val-de-Marne) with a dissertation on philosophy of spatial perception in Husserl and C. Stumpf. His main areas of research interest are: media ethics, value phenomenology and Husserlian philosophy. His interest in media ethics derives not only from theoretical reasons, but also from his practical experience in journalism – he worked as reporter in different media institutions, such as the ”Cotidianul” daily or the National Public Radio.
His main areas of research interest are: media ethics, value phenomenology and Husserlian philosophy.
Email address: victor.popescu77@gmail.com.


Articles (selection)

  • Victor Popescu, Bloggers providing an „antidote” to editorial misconduct. A case study from Romania (forthcoming);
  • Victor Popescu, Bloggers, Journalism and Epistemic Responsibility (in press), in Valentin Mureșan and Shunzo  Majima (eds.), Applied Ethics. Perspectives from Romania, Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Hokkaido University, 2013, pp. 276-291;
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